Finding Joy In Your Own Backyard with Dennis Mathew 

 August 12, 2021

Episode 37


In this joyful episode, we bring you Dennis Mathew, speech pathologist, children’s author, and songwriter. With gratitude, authenticity, and vulnerability, Dennis reveals a story that was born in pain. He also shares the key to finding joy in your own backyard.


Special Guest: Dennis Mathew

Dennis Mathew is an elementary school speech pathologist going into my 15th year working in the public schools. Since 2019, he has also been a children’s author and songwriter. Dennis has three books: Bello the Cello, My Wild First Day, and How Grizzly Found Gratitude, and one music album published. He passionately integrates SEL, the 7 mindsets, the growth mindset, trauma informed care, language enrichment, and social skills topics, into his books and music. To date, Dennis has sold more than 15K copies of my books (90% of which have been distributed to public schools nationwide), presented to 120+ schools and reached 70K+ students with his books and music.

Websites: www.booksbydennis
Twitter: @storiesbydennis
Instagram: @booksbydennisElementary Speech Pathologist and Children's Author and Musician, Dennis Mathew, joins Lemonade Learning for Episode 37, Finding Joy In Your Own Backyard

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