Go Back To Better With Mike Lawrence 

 July 8, 2021

Episode 35


Another Lemonade Learning first… We did an episode in person!!! This on-the-go epsiode brings in Mike Lawrence, an award-winning teacher, administrator and educational leader. As the three of us connect in Austin for our first in-person conference in over 15 months, we discuss what face-to-face meant to us and where we hope to go moving forward.


Special Guest: Mike Lawrence

Mike has served as the CEO of CUE, expanding the nonprofit’s impact & helping the nonprofit grow fivefold in 12 years, served two terms on the ISTE board, and also directed the California Student Media Festival for a decade. He is Chief Maverick of Maverick Learning and leads strategic learning and development initiatives worldwide at Jamf.

Websites: www.mavlearn.com
Twitter: @techmaverick
Instagram: @techmaverickMike Lawrence joins Lemonade Learning for episode 35, Go Back To Better

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