Listen To Learn and Lead with Jerry Almendarez 

 June 10, 2021

Episode 33


Superintendent of the 11th largest school district in California, Jerry Almendarez shares how he has learned to truly listen as a leader. Jerry also reveals a key question that drives his work. Humble and authentic, always amplifying others, Jerry’s presence inspires and empowers learners of all ages and stages.


Special Guest: Jerry Almendarez 

Experienced Superintendent whose career in education spans over 27 years. Currently serving as the Superintendent of the 11th largest school district in California with 43,000 students and approximately 5,000 staff members. Jerry Almendarez has a master’s degree in Educational Leadership from the University of Redland and a bachelor’s degree in Business/Finance from Cal State San Bernardino.
Twitter: @JerryAlmendarez
Instagram: @jerryalmendarez

Superintendent Jerry Almendarez joins Lemonade Learning for the 33rd episode, Listen To Learn and Lead

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