Rethinking Why On Purpose with Barbara Bray 

 April 22, 2021

Episode 30


Spoiler Alert: This episode is packed with positivity! Barbara Bray does it all… she is an educator, an author, podcast host, difference-maker, and disruptor. In this zesty episode, she shares her journey as a thought leader on rethinking learning.


Special Guest: Barbara Bray 

Barbara Bray, an author, podcast host, speaker, keynoter, consultant, difference-maker, and disruptor, shares journeys of inspirational thought leaders on Rethinking Learning, hosts the Rethinking Learning podcast, and co-hosts the #rethink_learning Twitter chat. Barbara is founder/owner of My eCoach, past co-founder of Personalize Learning, LLC, and co-author of Make Learning Personal and How to Personalize Learning. She is author of Define Your Why about owning your story so you can live on purpose. Barbara is currently focusing on re-defining your WHY during uncertain times.

Twitter: @bbray27
Insta: @bbray27

Barbara Bray joins the Lemonade Learning Podcast on Episode 30, Rethinking Why On Purpose

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Barbara believes that stories connect all of us. She started her Rethinking Learning podcast and the #rethink_learning Twitter chat to take stories deeper. There are over 115 podcasts and now 14 reflections that take topics and the conversations deeper. After refining her interviewing and listening skills, she realized the stories were all about defining who we are and why we are here. Through coaching teachers and learning more about herself, she researched how we learn best, more about Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle and why we need to start with the WHY and why ikigai helps us delve deeper into one’s meaning for life. All along, the stories and experiences inspirational people shared and the need to have a purpose helped Barbara want to explore her passion for stories and writing. With what she learned, Barbara developed activities and presentations for participants to discover or rediscover their WHY.

Barbara collected the activities, research, and stories for her book, Define Your Why: Own Your Story So You can Live and Learn on Purpose. Since the pandemic, she has been doing virtual presentations, keynotes, and workshops on disrupting the status quo and redefining and growing your WHY during this time of crisis. The pandemic slowed time down enough for Barbara to rethink her own life and what she can do to support other authors, teachers, and anyone who wants to take their story deeper. Barbara is now doing more writing, designing new resources, and creating interactive professional learning and coaching opportunities.

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