We’re All Literacy Advocates with Timmy Bauer and Shalonda Archibald 

 March 25, 2021

Episode 28:


It is a Lemonade Learning first! We have 2 guests in this episode! Timmy and Shalonda chat about how we can advocate for literacy for all. They also share their journey as co-hosts of The Literacy Advocate Podcast.


Special Guests: Timmy Bauer and Shalonda Archibald 

Timmy Bauer is Cohost of The Literacy Advocate Podcast 🎙 Author of Billy the Dragon 🐉 Eater of Lunchables (like it’s normal at 31)

Twitter: @timmy_bauer
Insta: @author_timmy

Shalonda Archibald
Mother, Literacy Coach, Adjunct Professor, Consultant, NJLA Board Member, Literacy Advocate Podcast Cohost

Twitter: @born_to_educate

Timmy Bauer and Shalonda Archibald join the Lemonade Learning podcast in Episode 28, We're All Literacy Advocates

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