Learning in Motion with Dave Burgess 

 March 11, 2021

Episode 27:

Dave Burgess. Do we need to say more? Probably not, but we will anyway. This high-energy conversation has us talking about being vulnerable, following our own advice, and letting go of perfectionism. If you are ready to live wide and read wide, this episode is for you!


Special Guest: Dave Burgess 

Dave is the New York Times best-selling author of Teach Like a Pirate, the co-author of P is for Pirate, and the co-founder and president of Dave Burgess Consulting, Inc. which publishes over 120 books for educators around the world. He is also a professional development and keynote speaker well-known for his outrageously energetic and unique performance style.

Twitter: @burgessdave
Insta: @dbc_inc

Dave Burgess joins the Lemonade Learning podcast for Episode 27 Learning In Motion

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